Paint Correction & Protective Coatings for Autos

The ultimate solution for swirls & scratches. The best protection you can buy. 

Paint Correction & Protective Coatings have allowed car collectors, race car drivers, auto enthusiasts and dedicated car owners to preserve their vehicles and permanently eliminate a disappointing finish. Waxing and polishing are never enough to get the look you want, and they provide no protection against, grime, dirt, fading and paint decay. With how frequently a car can get dirty on the road, constant maintenance takes precious time away from your day. A Paint Correction and Protective Coating allow you to get your time back and protect your car or auto, all while restoring it’s look to a shinier, glossier finish that’s better than when you got it. 

Our Work: 

We guarantee a personalized solution for every customer. Our process speaks to our professionalism and dedication to providing the finest auto surface finish. We come onsite to evaluate your car and propose the best, most comprehensive package. To highlight our process in full we’ve laid out every stage of our work:

Phase 1 – Paint Correction:

Through this process, we wash, decontaminate and remove all swirls, scratches and imperfections from your Car. This includes:

  • Wash and evaluation
  • Decontamination 
  • Heavy cut multi-stage compounding & polishing

Phase 2 – Protective Coating:

We specialize in installing protective coatings on all classic, luxury and very fast cars. We take special care of your car making certain to apply each coating with attention to detail and refined craftsmanship. This includes:

  • Preparation wash
  • Pre-coating solvent wipe
  • Installation of the protective coating layer 1
  • Level the coating
  • 1 hour cure time
  • Installation of protective coating layer 2

We’ve outlined protective coatings and our process in a quick article about protective coatings for cars and their benefits. We want you to have the best information available so you can take charge of your investment and decide the best solution for you. 

Consultation & Follow-up:

We take the time to learn about your car, your problems and your needs so we can provide the best, personalized solution. This includes reliable follow-up to ensure we are providing the best service before, during and after contracting with D2 Detailing. We always say we will not be outworked, and that’s because we honor our guarantee to provide the very best solutions that meet your standards.