Why You Should Invest In A Protective Coating

Discover the real value of protection at it’s best and a shine at it’s very finest, in the world of Autos and boats.

Have you ever noticed the scratches and swirls on new cars or boats that come right off of the dealership lot? Waxing, buffing and washing, doesn’t seem to ever remove these annoying imperfections. And even if you don’t always notice them, you know they’re there. 

Your car and boat are new….so shouldn’t they look like it? 

The truth about our new boats and cars is this. Environmental factors just can’t be beaten by nearly all of the conventional detailing solutions on the market. Except for this one. 

A Protective Coating propels the detailing industry into a new form of high-end surface protection. It requires a trained eye, precision and care to achieve what is to date, the very best solution for protection, maintenance and shine. It can achieve a better-looking gloss than the day you got your boat, and it can return your classic car to a timeless appearance. 

It’s detailing sorcery to some. But to a business like ours, its beautiful craftsmanship and the only solution we accept for our customers. But what are protective coatings?  

What is a protective coating?

Think about it like this. Protective coatings are like a sunscreen, but a sunscreen that lasts years. This magical sunscreen would be able to take away the worry about sun exposure and ensure enduring protection. Unfortunately, sunscreen only lasts a few hours. You could avoid going outside, reapply, or cover-up, but it will never take away the constant need to worry about too much sun.

Sunscreen you find on a market today is like waxing, buffing and compounding. Effective, but impermanent and requires reapplication. A protective coating, lasts years so you can worry less, reduce upkeep and always have a perfect finish on your boat or car.  

In technical terms, protective coatings are a protective seal that bonds to the surface of your vehicle or boat. A protective coating uses very small particles to compose a thin, durable layer that can last anywhere from 2 to 7 years for cars and up to 2 years for boats. The pores of your boat or car surface are completely sealed beneath, preserving what’s below and protecting against what’s outside. 

It’s hydrophobic and sleek, meaning that water, dirt and oil bead up and get carried away with a simple wash or rinse. It’s developed to be a product that protects, shines, seals, and reduces maintenance costs and time. 

What are the benefits of a Protective Coating?

Remember these three core takeaways: the best shine, the most protection, the least amount of maintenance. These are the basic tenants of a protective coating. 

  • You have to maintain your car and boat to keep it up to certain standards so a protective coating will reduce the amount of time you spend on that upkeep.
  • You always have to worry about dirt, grime, environmental decay, fading and more, so why not find a solution that virtually eliminates these risks.
  • You always want to look the very best, so consider that the quality of a Protective Coating finish is by far the best. 

What’s more, you can expect a protective layer that:

  • Creates a water repellency effect that carries dirt away with a simple wash
  • Forms a shield against accumulating dirt and grime
  • Provides stain resistance and protects paint and gelcoats from decay
  • Eliminates color fading and UV damage
  • Repels water for clearer windshields, windows and paint
  • Eliminates swirls, scratches and smudges
  • Protects from oxidation and corrosion on boats
  • Allows for easier removal of marine growth, water scum and more on boats

Waxing, washing and buffing, simply cannot accomplish this. But it can be a pricey move, so it’s important to consider all of the longer-term advantages.

Is getting a Protective Coating worth the investment? 

It’s a new service in the American market. Manufacturers are just starting to consider their value and detailers all over the country are beginning to experiment with providing this service. Because of this, there can be a lot of skepticism and messy information about their cost and worth.

Our company has been doing it for years, with the background knowledge of detailing to boost us as an authority on the matter. We see it all the time. It’s “very expensive”, compared to an easy wax or wash. Why invest in something so seemingly expensive compared to significantly cheaper options? 

It’s important to remember that protective coatings are the cutting edge solution for the detailing world, and will soon be the longer-term solution of choice for many more industries. It’s the future surface of protection, so it’s not quite worth comparing it to conventional methods. 

The truth is just this, it’s expensive because it takes very specialized work and time to install and lasts far longer than anything else. In fact, it keeps your car or boat protected for the long term. That means your investment is maintaining a higher overall longer-term value. 

How is that? Well, the value of your possessions is only as great as the condition you keep it in. Rather than replace your boat because of wear and tear and usage over time, wouldn’t you rather just keep it? Or better yet, sell it for a competitive price? 

Beyond the obvious gains of a spectacular finish, protection against the elements and lower maintenance costs (which you will have to do regardless), why wouldn’t you consider an extra level of insurance and peace of mind?

How can you know that a Protective Coating works?

Simple. You can see it. The very second you see your car or boat, you will notice the difference. Not only is the coating protecting the surface beneath a glossy layer, but our team of specialists, buffs, waxes and compounds your paint or gelcoat to make sure the seal locks in the perfect looking surface beneath. 

And that look isn’t going anywhere. It’s locked behind the protective coating. 

Run your hose right over your newly coated car or boat. Water beads immediately and the shine is enduring. You can feel a finish that is more than just smooth to the touch. It’s barely noticeable. You see your car. You see your boat. Not a giant obstructive shield. It’s completely transparent.    

What goes into installing a Protective Coating? 

We pull out every stop when we work on your car or boat. It’s incredibly detailed work that requires specialists in automobiles and boats, as well as installation. We break it up into two parts:

Phase 1 – Surface Correction:

Consider this a next-level, traditional detailing work-up. Through this process, we wash, decontaminate and remove all swirls, scratches and imperfections from your boat. This way we can seal the perfect surface beneath your new protective coating. This process includes:

  1. A decontamination wash (remove scum lines etc.)
  2. Removal of dealer stickers, manufacture badges etc.
  3. Multi-stage wet-sanding
  4. A second wash to remove residue
  5. Multi-stage compounding and polish

Phase 2 – Protective Coating:

We specialize in installing protective coatings on luxury, power and sailboats and high-end and sports cars. While we don’t exclusively work on luxury brands, we do have the committed knowledge in it. We take special care to apply each coating with attention to detail and refined craftsmanship. Thus process includes:

  1. A preparation wash
  2. A pre-coating solvent wipe
  3. Installation of protective coat layer 1
  4. Leveling the coating
  5. 1 hour cure time
  6. Installation of protective coating layer 2

It’s so much more than traditional waxing and washing. Our lengthy but exact process ensures an expert installation and long-lasting protection and shine.

It’s expensive, but does that mean it’s actually worth it? 

Sometimes a higher cost means higher value, and sometimes it doesn’t. This is where our honest and good-natured business sense translates into a valued customer relationship. We provide the best solutions because our customers want and need them

And we price it accordingly. It’s a lengthy process, requiring expensive materials and tools. We do not cut corners. Our process, products and application technology matches the standard we hold ourselves to. We are not only up to date on our commitment to advancing the technology. We are also out there bringing home the best techniques, products, tools and equipment to enable the growth of our work. 

Worth and value are a state of mind. We rely on knowing that this is the best solution and we take it very seriously. Working with high-end cars and boats requires our keen sense of precision, detail and relentlessness towards perfection. You are not just investing in the future of your car or boat. You are investing in a valued partnership you can have faith in. 

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